Creating an Autosuspend Blacklist

KPowersave provides an autosuspend blacklist. The blacklist prevents the system from being suspended if one of the listed applications is running. For example, you probably do not want your laptop to go into suspend mode while you are watching a DVD, just because you have not pressed a key for ten minutes. To edit the blacklist, click the General Settings tab then click Edit General Blacklist. Use the Autosuspend Blacklist Edit dialog to add or remove applications from your blacklist.

KPowersave configure dialog for Autosuspend Blacklist

You can also use this setting to create and edit blacklists for each scheme. When creating a scheme blacklist, you can import the general blacklist or create a specific blacklist for that scheme. A scheme-specific blacklist overrides the general blacklist when that scheme is in use.

KPowersave dialog to edit Blacklist