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10 Powersave Events

Events are triggered from the daemon when Hardware changes are recognised or user requests have been made.

Have a look into /etc/powersave/events where you may want to change the default behaviour how events get processed.

The syntax is: EVENT="action1 action2 action3 ..."

Events are triggered e.g. when:

If an event happens, the configured actions for this event are processed from left to right.

There are internal (processed from the daemon internally) and external actions (executed scripts located in /usr/lib/powersave/scripts) that can be assigned to each event.

Internal actions (name is reserved, scripts must not be named like that) currently are:

External actions are simply executables (typically scripts) placed in /usr/lib/powersave/scripts, the name of the executable is the event name.

Example: put EVENT_OTHER="debug_events" into /etc/powersave/events to debug the hotkey events on some ASUS notebooks (the asus_acpi module has to be loaded) and watch /var/log/messages for the output of the debug_events script..

See the next chapter (Scripts) how to write your own scripts for events.