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24 How to get linked to or extend this Document

24.1 Get linked to this document

If you have some nice tricks e.g. how to get suspend to RAM working on your machine. Or maybe other special tricks for special machine types, please write to or if you are too lazy to subscribe directly write me

24.2 Extend this document and keep it up to date

This document is generated with the makeinfo tex parser. However, you don't need to speak tex to add or modify the sources.

It's really easy to add some text.

The document is part of the powersave daemon documentation. The subversion repository can be found at See the section Get the SVN Sources at Compiling. Modify/Add files in the docs directory. Do a "makeinfo –html powersave.tex" in the docs directory and see whether you have some errors (you need to escape e.g. @ with @@). Send us the "diff -urN" of your modifications in the docs dir and we will include it.

If you like to help, you are welcome to join the powersave devel mailinglist.