Chapter 1. Introduction

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Starting KPowersave
Understanding the KPowersave Icon

Use KPowersave, the KDE front-end to powersave, to control power management and monitor your laptop battery strength. For example, you can configure the screen on your laptop to turn off if the computer is not used for a specified amount of time, extending battery life.

Starting KPowersave

To start KPowersave, open a shell and enter kpowersave & or select System+Desktop Applet+KPowersave from the GNOME or KDE menu. KPowersave opens in the system tray.

To configure whether KPowersave starts automatically when you log in, click General Settings then check or uncheck KPowersave starts automatically on login. Also specify whether you want KPowersave to ask you about starting automatically if you exit the application.