Procedure to setup a scheme

All of these options conserve power by not allowing power-consuming processes to run. To configure scheme settings, do the following:

Screen Saver

  1. Right-click the KPowersave icon in the sytem tray.

  2. Select Configure KPowersave.

  3. If the Scheme Settings tab is not already selected, click Scheme Settings.

  4. Optionally, click Enable Specific Screensaver Settings.

    1. If you do not want the screen saver to consume power when the system is not in use, click Disable Screen Saver.

    2. To blank the screen instead of running a specific screen saver, click Only Blank the Screen. This option is not available if the screen saver is disabled.

KPowersave configure dialog for screen saver settings.

Display Power Management

  • To manage the power consumed by the screen, click Enable Specific Display Power Management.

    Specific display power management (DPMS) can also be disabled by checking Disable Display Power Management. This setting overwrites the desktop configuration.

    1. Select the amount of time that should pass before the screen goes into standby mode. In standby mode, the screen is blanked, but continues to receive power. This provides a low level of power conservation.

    2. Specify the amount of time before the screen is suspended. In suspend mode, the screen is turned off but enough power is used to store the current screen information.

    3. Specify the amount of time that should pass before all power to the screen is turned off.

KPowersave configure dialog for screen saver settings.

Setup Autosuspend

  • Click Autosuspend if you want KPowersave to suspend the system automatically if the current desktop user is inactive for a specified amount of time then use the dialog to configure specific autosuspend settings.

    For example, if you want the system to suspend to disk after 30 minutes, select the settings to do so. After 30 minutes, all open files are saved to disk and the computer is suspended.

KPowersave configure dialog for Autosuspend settings.

Setup Sound

  • To configure power-saving sound options, click Miscellaneous. Check the types of sounds to disable to prevent them from playing and using battery power.

KPowersave configure dialog for sound settings.