Chapter 3. Configuring a Power Management Scheme

Table of Contents

Understanding a Power Management Scheme
Procedure to setup a scheme
Screen Saver
Display Power Management
Setup Autosuspend
Setup Sound

Understanding a Power Management Scheme

A scheme contains the basic power management configuration that is used when you use KPowersave with your computer. The number of available schemes depends on your Powersave configuration. Add or delete schemes with the YaST Power Management Module. Some common schemes include the following:

  • Performance: Optimized for maximum performance during longer sessions

  • Acoustic: Optimized to let the machine run as quietly as possible

  • Presentation: Optimized for best performance when giving presentations

  • Powersave: Optimized to conserve battery power

To choose a scheme, open the Scheme Settings tab, click the scheme to use, modify it as desired, then click OK.

KPowersave configure dialog (select schemes).

A scheme controls:

  • Whether the screen saver is permitted to run when the computer is not in use

  • How much time is allowed to pass before the screen goes into standby or suspend mode or is powered off

  • Whether the computer automatically goes into Suspend mode after a specified amount of time

  • Whether the computer plays power-related event sounds